About 51North

We are a digital marketing agency that specializes in Retail and Consumer brands. Based in Calgary, Alberta we are closely connected to the West, the entrepreneurial spirit and walking what we talk.

By being results focused and data driven we reach more customers, create better engagement and at lower acquisition costs than traditional agencies or publishers. Our goal is to help our clients attract and retain the best customers using the advanced features available in Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

Our Principles

At 51North we live by three words:

  1. Relevancy
  2. Results
  3. Performance


It our belief that relevancy to the customer’s needs is the primary driver of success.


Results are our goal, motivation and guiding principle.


By carefully monitoring and testing the performance of our campaigns we frequently double or triple industry averages in click-through rate and conversions.

Our History

51 Degrees North was founded in 1995 as a destination marketing agency for Southern Alberta. For our 20th anniversary we relaunched as a digital advertising agency and have been helping clients from Calgary to Vancouver maximize the ROI for their budgets ever since.