About Us

We first sold online ads in 1995. 51 Degrees North began life in 1995 as one of the first internet startups in western Canada. We sold advertising on our web properties before the first ad networks even existed.

Strategy first. Continuous optimization. We develop a deep and practical understanding of our client’s strategy, goals, value propositions, and markets. This understanding, combined with a data- and research-driven approach to ad management, lets us deliver results that consistently beat market benchmarks while driving higher levels of engagement.

Based in Canada. We operate in Calgary, Alberta and primarily serve customers in North America.

Our Founders

Ian Greant. Ian is a serial entrepreneur and adventurer who has spent his career in sales, digital marketing, and e-commerce. When he’s not working with clients or at his desk researching and testing, you can often find him hiking and climbing in his beloved Rocky Mountains. Learn more on LinkedIn.

Zak Greant. Zak is a multi-disciplinary marketing technologist and tech startup veteran. Since 1995, he’s co-founded two startups and worked with many online trailblazers, including Mozilla and MySQL AB. He’s no longer active with 51 Degrees North and now heads up the Memurai product division for Janea Systems, and is now based in Basel, Switzerland. Learn more on LinkedIn.