5 Rules For Winning Websites

In online business, what separates the winners from the losers?

Why does one business prosper and another fail?

These are the five rules that most failing or under-performing businesses are not following.

Rule 1.  Winners know their web stats.

  • How many visitors to the website
  • What pages they visited
  • Where they were from
  • What they purchased
  • How many asked for more info or contacted your business

Making good business decisions requires good data.  Even the smallest budget is is no excuse for flying blind.  Our favourite stats software is Google Analytics and it’s free!

Rule 2. Winners know what sells.

Your local grocer uses merchandising tactics to promote what they want to sell.  Winners do the same on their websites.  Put your most popular products or services out where visitors can see them.

Rule 3.  Winners are easy to find.

Who is easier to see?  The first runner in a race or the one in the middle of the pack?  Winners invest the time and money to ensure that their website is in out in front of their competitors.

Rule 4. Winners know who their best customers are and advertise specifically to them.

Online advertising offers amazing targeting abilities.  Winners spend less on ads by targeting them to the best customers.

Rule 5.  Winners don’t wing it.

Winners don’t guess at what works. They use their visitor data and other marketing intelligence to reduce risk and make better business decisions.


The key to success is often less about inspiration and more about decision-making.

Tools like Google Analytics serve as the first step in gathering and interpreting your valuable business data, enabling you to make the right decisions for your business.

Next Steps:

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  2. Too busy to do it yourself?   Contact us!