What is “In-Market Audience”?

Learn about one of Google Adwords® high performing, but almost secret targeting methods.

Success in advertising is often defined by the four R’s.

Reaching the Right consumer at the Right time with the Right ads.

This is usually much easier said than done but with Google In-Market Audiences, advertisers now have the ability to specifically target consumers who are in the market for their products or services.

What is an In-Market Audience?

Let’s start by defining what an audience is.

An Audience is Google-speak for a set of consumers that can be grouped together and targeted based upon their online behaviour.

This can be based on:

  • visits to your webpage
  • visits to other categories of website
  • their general online behaviour
  • demographics

An In-Market Audience is then a group of consumers who have been identified by Google as being in the market for a specific service or type of product.

Benefits include:

  • Higher click-through rates
  • Higher engagement rates (more pages per visit, longer duration of visit)
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Lower cost per sale

I’ve yet to publish any case studies on In-Market Audiences but am generally seeing interaction rates that far exceed standard interest or demographic based targeting.

Here is Google’s description:

Reach potential customers while they’re actively browsing, researching or comparing the types of products you sell. Connect with those most interested in what you have to offer, using precise segments that classify users based on their demonstrated in-market behaviour and purchase intent.

Google’s video describes it well:

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