Remarketing Campaign Tips

Learn some of the tactics we use to improve the performance of Remarketing campaigns.

(Here is Google’s description if you are unsure of what Remarketing is.)

The performance of Remarketing campaigns are very dependent on how well the campaign is configured and possibly how well the ad manager understands your business or industry.

As has been said. “With great power comes great responsibility” and this is very true with Remarketing.

Setting up a successful Remarketing campaign requires careful oversight and a deep understanding of both the advertiser’s products and the purchase cycle of their customers.

A simple optimization that can reduce costs, but is frequently missed, is setting up a Custom Combination List.

This allows agencies and advertisers to display ads based on the combination of pages that a potential customer visited.


For example:

A clothing store may wish to target all customers that visited any products pages of a specific brand.

To improve performance and lower costs it is best practice to exclude any customer that has finalized an online order.

Sounds simple right? However it is frequently missed.

Additional Targeting

In addition to custom combinations the Remarketing ads can be further limited by the customers location, device or other parameters.  Ads are most effective when displayed to people most likely to become your customers.

Dynamic Remarketing

Both Facebook and Google Adwords offer the option of Dynamic Remarketing.

This is where ads, based on the products a visitor viewed, are automatically created based on a preset template and criteria.

This is a huge advantage for retailers with large product catalogs.

Remarketing Performance – Case Studies

Here are two case studies from Google illustrating how successful a well optimized Remarketing Campaign can be.

Netshoes doubled ROI and increased revenue by 30% with Remarketing.

Sierra Trading Post increased conversions by 5x and increased traffic by 35% with Remarketing

Conversely I’ve seen poorly implemented Remarketing campaigns that had little to no impact on the Advertiser’s goals. Without relevance most ads, even ReMarketing ones, are ignored.

Wrapping Up.

Consumers rarely make a purchase on the first visit to your website.  Remarketing allows you to reengage with those visitors and convert them to customers.  Using the techniques above can improve your ROI by targeting the visitors most likely to convert.

Hire Us.

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