COVID-19 Website Checklist for retailers, e-tailers and service businesses.

These are strange times. Never in modern times have we dealt with a pandemic of this level. We are all facing incredible amounts of uncertainty, both personally and professionally.

What can we do right now for our businesses and our customers?

Here is a checklist that’s evolved from the conversations we’ve had with clients in the last couple weeks.

  1. Make sure your hours of operations are current on your website, social media profiles, Google Business listing, etc. — Even if your hours have not changed, failure to address COVID-19 at customer touchpoints will cause confusion. Don’t force your customers to search for this info. Bring it front and centre
  2. Clearly explain how your services have been affected. — Reduced staff? Closed locations? Reduced services? Make sure it is easy for your customers to understand what you can and can’t do for them right now.
  3. Identify the steps you are taking to protect the health of your clients and your staff. — Extra protection, enhanced delivery services, curbside pickup. Detail it all.
  4. Review all automated messages, voice mail, automatic email replies, etc to ensure the messages are still current, accurate and sensitive to the current situation. — Don’t cause extra confusion by unintentionally sending mixed messages.
  5. Create a checklist of all changes made so you or your team can easily revert or update all these points later. — The return to normal business will be an intense and busy time. Plan for success now.

Lastly, think about what your customers need from you, rather than what you need from your customers.

Do you have an opportunity to help your community? Can you include essential goods with deliveries? Can you leverage your assets to provide better support?

What we do today affects our future. Now is the time to invest in better relationships with your customers and community.

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